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  • Automatic Resume Posting: on up to 80 job search sites.
  • Resume Posting Monitor: centralized control to all job sites.
  • Spam Protection: of all job banks your resume was posted to.
  • Save time: more than 100 hours for resume posting.
  • Benefit: 80X the power to find a job fast.
  • Be accessible: to over 1 million employers & recruiters.
All this for a one-time fee of just $59.95!

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What Resume Bomber Customers Have to Say:

The most powerful post resume tool online today!
Lynn Sadler
Coalville, UT
More connections, more job opportunities, more money in just a few clicks…
Lamont Leveridge
Bronx, NY
Most people dread the job search because it takes up so much time. Resume Bomber solves this problem!
Ronn Eagle
Dublin, CA
The best way to find a job and find top-notch employers in my industry…
Stephen Pine
Pembroke Pines, FL
I’ll never go back to one-at-a-time resume posting again! Resume Bomber is the only way to fly!
Stephen Stone
Williamsville, NY
How to find a job? Post resume now!
Richard Berry
Arlington, WA

Here’s what else you get to help you find a job:

  • 80X the power to find a job fast!
    Post a resume once, and hit millions of employers instantly. Your opportunity to find a job that’s high-paying and satisfying just went up dramatically!
  • Simple one-time registration electronically posts resume everywhere!
    Sign in and post a resume once, and you’ve automatically created a results-oriented presence on over 80 staffing sites including Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder, Dice, Job.com, CareerShop & lots more!
  • Instant job search alerts!
    Get a detailed search report from all the job banks and staffing resources where we post your resume. You’re in! And we’ll tell you exactly whose eye you could catch.
  • Total identity protection.
    The newest technology is at work for you, keeping your info confidential and under your exclusive control.
  • Better job offers!
    As you know, the best way to find a job is to have the company find you. That’s what Resume Bomber does for your job search – turns the tables and gets your resume in front of the right people with the best jobs.
  • Continued job search with your saved resume.
    Even after you post a resume, our internal search engines keep working for you to find the perfect job match.

Still not sure if Resume Bomber is for you?

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